Finding Home

Two years ago January 18, 2019, we started a grand experiment in spiritual community-building, based on the premise that if you set the table as accessibly as possible, people of all kinds could find rest and companionship. As we complete another cycle, we are taking time to think deeply about what the work of Finding Home has been and is currently.

Finding Home started around a table with good food, thought-provoking art, and open hearts. In our time together, some incredible things happened, and one thing is for certain: there was never a time when God in all their many forms did not show up.

For a variety of reasons, Sunday January 17, 2021 was the final Finding Home. Some things, by their nature, don’t translate well into a digital space and that is okay. Just because an experiment didn’t go how you’d planned does not mean it was a failure. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have been a part of it over these past two years. We made something beautiful together.

Mallory Everhart