Faith Formation

Heifer International REPORT

The children enjoyed their Family Faith Formation on Sat. March 10. We learned about Heifer International, made butter from cream, completed a farmland scene with animals that Heifer provides families, and made animal puppets.
The children chose a Cow, Pig, Chickens, and Goat to learn about. They presented their animals on Sunday March 18 and asked the congregation to help them purchase these animals for families to learn how to provide for their families. Thanks kids for your wonderful presentation. There will be families who will benefit from our support of Heifer International.
Our donations allowed us to purchase ½ goat, ½ pig, 3 flocks of chickens, and 4 shares of a cow. As Heifer was running a doubling incentive, we actually ended up with a goat, a pig, 6 flocks of chickens, a great donation toward a cow, and a donation toward clean water.

Percolate (Adult Formation)

In February our Percolate group finished The Misunderstood Jew by Amy Jill Levine and discussed The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. We then started Original Blessing by Matthew Fox. This book contrasts Fall-Redemption theology with Creation spirituality. So many moments in discussing this book have been accompanied with “Oh that’s why our society (ourselves) believe that way!!! It does indeed dovetail with our work on becoming a Just Peace church. It is also the kind of book that permits open discussion at any point in it. So even if you have not read all the previous material, you will be able to participate. We meet each Sunday at about 8:30 A.M and the coffee will be ready!