Faith Formation

Multi-Generational Faith Formation

Saturday April 8 at 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Vista Grande UCC.
Theme – Holy Week:  Exploring Jesus’ Journey from Palm Sunday through Easter. 
Parents: Check your busy calendars and let us know if this is a time that will work for you and your family. Please RSVP by April 2 taking to Clare or Crystal or Donna.

Percolate (Adult Formation)

Our Adult Faith Formation class, aka Percolate, has been very active for decades. Adults gather at 8:30 a.m. before worship and usually do a book study. Coming up in April and May is as follows:
‘Our percolate group is once again being inspired to read something written by an upcoming speaker of the James White lecture series. This year’s speaker, Peter Rollins, will speak on May 12-14th here in Colorado Springs. Mr. Rollins is an Irish theologian whose main interest is in Radical Theology. He is not only an author, public speaker and philosopher, he is also a storyteller. It is his narrative book of parables, The Orthodox Heretic that we are going to study in Percolate. Crystal Karr is going to lead us in this endeavor this spring. As always, all are welcome. And the coffee is percolating at about 8:30 every Sunday morning. See you there!’ submitted by Nancy Morlock-Hollins.

From Fear to Freedom

March 5 – April 9

This is a six week course, which will focus on the dynamic of fear as it is experienced by us individually and collectively. We will examine fear from various perspectives – biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual. By learning to understand and face our fears, we will discover our way into freedom and courage.
Facilitator: Ayya, an ordained Buddhist nun.
“From Fear to Freedom” course brochure

Pastor Clare will offer a course using the UCC Curriculum on White Privilege.
The curriculum and the webinars will lead participants through four areas of focus: telling the story of your spiritual journey through the lens of race; looking at the dynamic of a culture in which whiteness is the established norm; learning how America attaches a cash value to whiteness; and inviting the participants to commit to becoming an ally in the pursuit of racial equity.
“We as the United Church of Christ are a denomination born amidst the Civil Rights era that has not yet realized its promise,” said Trimble. “We have the chance to write a new and hopeful chapter in the narrative of race in this country. White people do not want oppression to be our narrative any more than black and brown people want to live in the system of oppression that defines our present age.”
John Dorhauer, the UCC General Minister and President, is encouraging every one of the UCC’s more than 5,000 congregations to participate. “In partnership with a Holy Spirit who
envisions a future in which the United Church of Christ matters, and in response to the UCC still being over ninety percent white almost 25 years into our commitment to be a multi-racial and multi-cultural church, I call all covenant settings to engage in a safe, meaningful,
substantive, and bold conversation on privilege.”