Faith Formation

Kids’ Faith Formation

Back to School Blessings

In August, the students and teachers in our congregation received a set of prayer beads as a reminder that the folks at Vista Grande were keeping them in our prayers as they began the 2020 school year during a pandemic.

This is the message sent to all and on Aug. 23 during the worship there was a blessing ritual. Let’s continue to keep the families in our thoughts.

Prayer Beads with Fish Symbol

Jesus’ disciples and friends created a fun way to identify each other on the road. One would draw half a fish. If the other person was also a follower of Jesus, he would complete the fish. Why a fish? Well, several of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. But the fish was also a symbol for Jesus. In Greek, the letters ICHTHUS stood for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. ICHTHUS also spelled “fish!” A perfect symbol for Jesus’ early followers.

Today you are getting a set of prayer beads with a fish symbol. The fish means that you
belong to our faith community at Vista Grande. We all pray that school will be safe for you whether you attend in person or virtual school. We hope you will learn a lot and have fun seeing your friends and making new ones. Remember – you are loved by God and by all of us at Vista Grande.

The beads move up and down the ribbon. You can use them to think about people who are important to you, or to remember things and people you are grateful for. You can attach the prayer beads with the fish to your backpack. Have a good year!

“Percolate” (Adult Formation) 8:30 a.m.

Percolate is reading Dreaming of Eden-American Religion and Politics in a Wired World by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite. Susan talks a lot about the seduction of “innocence”, especially the desire to return to the Garden of Eden. She also talks about the danger of innocence – even it’s lethal power. We are almost halfway through the book.

As usual all are welcome, whether or not you’ve read the book. We meet around 8:30 on zoom before the worship service. (You have to “percolate” your own coffee.)