Mission and Social Justice

As you may remember, during the 2017 stewardship drive we pledged to the operational budget and to missions. The mission pledges go directly to our mission activity. The mission committee made the commitment to send support money each quarter as funds are available. The 2 Q checks were recently mailed out. The report of giving is posted on the mission bulletin board at church. As a reminder, if you did a mission pledge, please help us honor those pledges.

Several of our support missions also ask for hands on items. Perhaps this works better for your budget.
Los Pobres – Currently they are in need of men’s clothing; pants, jeans, shirts, socks, underclothes. Bring your donations and place in a bag or box under the Los Pobres display in Fellowship Hall. Los Pobres also needs 5 lb bags of white flour, cooking oil, dry rice and beans. These items are the main staples for the local community.

Clothing and Household – When you bring in donations, please inventory and label as to which agency is the recipient.
Food – check the expiration dates and make sure everything is sealed.
Thank you for your generosity.

Our Missions Task Force has re-structured our mission programs in order to be more effective, sustainable, and gospel driven! Instead of a monthly focus, we’ll concentrate on a yearly focus. The missions chosen are:

  • Inside Out Youth Services; liaisons Nancy and Kayan

    Inside-Out is one of our missions for 2017. It is a support system for LGBTIQ youth aged 12-22. It creates a safe space for young people to gather, visit, and grow. We have witnessed such wisdom expressed by these kids. They support each other: they cheer for each other’s successes and comfort each other when negative things happen. Mary, the director, maintains that her main job is primarily suicide prevention. Their main location is on South Tejon and they have a satellite program at Library 21C. For more information please see our display downstairs or visit them on the web.

  • One Nation Walking Together; liaisons Judy D. and Jon

  • Cheyenne Village; liaisons Jon and Judy D.

  • Los Pobres; liaisons Faye and Erika

    Los Pobres is a non-profit organization meeting the daily survival needs of immigrant workers with low-paying jobs. Faye makes the trip to Los Pobres, which is outside of Pueblo, to bring the items that you donate. Please bring in 5 lb bags of flour, small bottles of cooking oil, bags of dried pinto beans and rice and place them on the Los Pobres table.
    Visit the El Centro de Los Pobres website.

  • UCC 5 for 5; liaisons Clare and Dave

    The “5 for 5” missions are supported through your monetary support. This is the best way for the United Church of Christ to respond to the needs that each of these ministries request.
    Visit the National Church’s 5 for 5 website

  • Family Promise; liaison Donna

    Vista Grande is a support church for this ministry. Currently, we work with Central United Methodist Church by providing the Monday night meal when CUMC hosts the families in the program. Our next time to serve is Monday March 20. Recently, Erika, Jon, and Donna attended a benefit luncheon for Family Promise. We learned more about this important ministry that houses families in need. Two families who benefited and have graduated from the program were guests. They shared their stories and thankfulness for the program that helped keep them off the streets.
    One startling statistic we learned … there are over 1,000 homeless children in District 11. That’s our city! Let’s see what we can do to help.
    Visit the Family Promise website

Check out our mission tables in Fellowship Hall

The Wider Church

As people of the United Church of Christ, affirming our Statement of Faith, we seek within the Church Universal to participate in God’s mission and to follow the way of the crucified and risen Christ.
Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are called and commit ourselves:

  • To praise God, confess our sin, and joyfully accept God’s forgiveness;
  • To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our suffering world;
  • To embody God’s Love for all people;
  • To hear and give voice to creation’s cry for justice and peace;
  • To name and confront the powers of evil within and among us;
  • To repent our silence and complicity with the forces of chaos and death;
  • To preach and teach with the power of the living Word;
  • To join oppressed and troubled people in the struggle for liberation;
  • To work for justice, healing, and wholeness of life;
  • To embrace the unity of Christ’s church;
  • To discern and celebrate the present and coming reign of God.

About this testimony

The UCC Statement of Mission, 1987, was drafted by a church wide conference on mission in Houston, Texas, in which representatives from all communities in the church—including evangelicals, liberals, and others—tried to find common ground. The statement was affirmed by General Synod 16 later that year.