Mission and Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

Mission/Outreach is an integral part of VGCC ministries. We will pursue opportunities that are reflective of Justice and Peace, denominational and ecumenical, local and global, participatory and financial. Our mission and outreach will make a difference – empowering recipients and inspiring givers to act in the spirit of Christ; exemplifying the 3 Great Loves: Love of Neighbor; Love of Children; Love of Creation.

Mission Action Team

(Jeannie Harrington and Nancy Morlock-Hollins, Co-Chairs)

Inside/Out Youth Services is hiring a part-time psychologist; the queer prom was well attended, with over 430 kids; and plans are moving along on the True Center for gender diversity. Faye reported that her daughter who works for Simla school library, has had requests for a queer program there but she is getting community push back. We may be able to help with that, as well as Inside/Out.

Transgender health services coming to Colorado Springs

This is the plan for the near future. Vista Grande Covenantal Partners; Nancy Morlock-Hollins, Kayan Cross and Pastor Clare have been meeting and working in conjunction with Inside Out, UCCS, a couple local doctors and the TRUE Center for Gender Diversity in Denver to establish a clinic in Colorado Springs that will provide specific health care services to transgender youth and young Adults in a safe space.

TRUE (Trust Respect Understand Emerge) Center in Denver is located inside of Children’s Hospital. They are set up to support and care for every aspect of the gender-diverse experience individuals and their families are going through. They have experts in adolescent medicine, endocrinology, nursing, psychology and social work. This blessing that is accessible to many young people and their families in the Denver and surrounding areas is also utilized by some individuals in Colorado Springs. It takes a lot for them to get there. When Nancy Morlock- Hollins discovered that such services were available and many young Trans people in Colorado Springs needing them aren’t able to access them she decided to take action. She organized the first meeting of a few folks this winter at Inside Out. That meeting evolved into monthly meetings with others joining.

At the May 9th meeting Dr. Daniel Reirden, the director of the TRUE Center, met with us at UCCS and shared intent to provide some staff to Colorado Springs to expand their services! This is very exciting. There are other details to work out before these services begin. There is some funding available through Children’s Hospital Colorado, There is space available at UCCS. The need for Safety and easy access will be factored in as well.

Once these and additional details are worked out Many young trans people and their families who are experiencing medical neglect and discrimination leading to psychological trauma and a whole host of other distresses will soon have specific medical services in Colorado Springs. We truly are the body of Christ.

Los Pobres- Faye said 40 men with papers have arrived and need all basic necessities, some living in barns due to lack of housing. There will be a clothing drive for men’s work clothes for the migrant workers who will soon be working the farmland.

One Nation, Judy dropped off around $1500 in food, some people on reservations still without basics, due to refusal of state to provide rescue services.

The last Family Promise dinner went well. We are on board to provide a meal on Nov. 18 unless we get asked to fill a void during another church’s schedule. September 8 is a walk-a-thon to raise money to help our homeless family population in Colorado Springs. In August, you can sign up to walk the 1.5 or 3 mile walk or financially support a walker. (In 2018, Vista Grande raised $555.)