Mission and Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

Mission/Outreach is an integral part of VGCC ministries. We will pursue opportunities that are reflective of Justice and Peace, denominational and ecumenical, local and global, participatory and financial. Our mission and outreach will make a difference – empowering recipients and inspiring givers to act in the spirit of Christ; exemplifying the 3 Great Loves: Love of Neighbor; Love of Children; Love of Creation.

Mission Action Team

(Jeannie Harrington and Nancy Morlock-Hollins, Co-Chairs)

Inside-Out Youth Services—Training has been taking place at Inside-Out for volunteers for Sources of Strength, Healthy Kids Symposium, and Trusted Adults. We are using these skills at the drop-in sessions on Mondays and Fridays and the Queer meals on Wednesdays. We are creating a safe LGBTIQ1A community where kids are accepted and loved.

Los Pobres – $25 King Soopers Gift Cards Dana has purchased these to be linked to our local program so you can purchase them from her at Vista Grande over the next couple of weeks. This will be an ongoing missionthroughout the year so if this isn’t a great time for you, there will be another opportunity in the New Year.

One Nation – Elder Boxes Items are to fit in a shoe box and try and keep the value to close to $20. Here are some suggested items for the box:
Shampoo, Soap, Comb/brush, Coffee/Mug, Hat/Gloves, Playing cards, Band-Aids Antiseptic ointment, Flashlight and Batteries, Notepads/note cards/pens, Wet wipes Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Pocket knife, Sewing kit, Tissues, Washcloth, Warm socks Please bring to Vista Grande by December 2.

Family Promise – Adopt a Family for Christmas Program We are adopting a family for Christmas. Check out the warmth tree for the paper ornaments listing the family’s wish list. Take one and bring the gift wrapped and labeled by Dec 16. If you choose an item that may be more than you planned, ask one or more of your friends to go in on it with you.

Warmth Tree — This tree is for hats, mitts, etc (anything that will keep folks warm.) All items on the tree will be distributed to our various local missions. This year, the tree will have paper ornaments with gift wishes from some of our Family Promise families. Please have all gifts wrapped and labeled and back to Vista Grande by Dec 16