Mission and Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

Mission/Outreach is an integral part of VGUCC ministries. We will pursue opportunities that are reflective of Justice and Peace, denominational and ecumenical, local and global, participatory and financial. Our mission and outreach will make a difference – empowering recipients and inspiring givers to act in the spirit of Christ; exemplifying the 3 Great Loves: Love of Neighbor; Love of Children; Love of Creation.

Mission Action Team

(Jeannie Harrington and Nancy Morlock-Hollins, Co-Chairs)

Family Promise

The 4th Annual Family Promise Walk was held on Sunday Sept 8 downtown Colorado Springs. The purpose was to increase awareness in the community of this mission. It also was very educational for the walkers as we stopped at various host churches and learned about the extension programs from the original Family Shelter program which provides shelter in a home-like environment using space in congregations.
Vista Grande walkers were: Kayan Cross, Rosemary and Maggie McBride, and Donna Bristow. We raised $315.
Promise Walk Statistics: 112 walkers; 12 congregations; and the goal of $10,000 was reached.

Los Pobres

The Summer of 2019 has been a truly HARD summer.
Los Pobres had to post signs of “No funds for rent or utilities” (this was extremely painful with all the need).
There have been a large number of serious illness cases (with funds cut there is no $ to get medications).
Because everything requires a Social Security number medications available are at a standstill. Farmers are crying for workers in the fields. (Families are trying to work BUT without SS cards are not permitted). The elderly are trying to work to bring in funds
(ICE shows up in unexpected places and times); they removed 7 workers from one field and generally we do not hear from these people again.
(These people are not taking jobs – no one will do the work).
Children are living in fear and worry; (parents are taken which leaves the children to what——?).
Seems every week there are new mandates from gov positions; (this is Land of the Free?)
Our Los Pobres financial situation is truly bad because funds are being taken away or stopped on a regular basis….we never know what will be cut from one day to the next.
PLEASE PRAY for Sister Nancy, our brothers and sisters, the children, the farmers, all
who are so desperately trying to survive this current administration!    GOD HELP US!

Inside Out Youth Services

The next big event at Inside-Out is the Ally-Up breakfast – Our major fundraiser of the year. It’s on October 3rd at the Antlers. Doors open at 7:00 AM with the breakfast and program from 7:30-8:30. This year’s speaker is Roz Keith who is a noted activist for transgender rights.

The latest addition to the Inside-Out staff is Alexander Wamboldt. He is the school outreach coordinator and in that capacity works with schools to create inclusive and comprehensive sex-ed programs and to tackle bullying head on.

The plan to have a “True Center for Gender Diversity” is on track to becoming a reality. It is set to open in the summer of 2020.

Together all of us- staff and volunteers, are creating a safe LGBTIQ1A community where kids are accepted and loved.