Facilities Team

The Facilities Task Group has been busy even during these times of Covid.  We have done projects both inside the building and outside on the grounds.  Please help us out by being observant every time you are in and around the building.  Since we are not using it as much, we need eyes to keep us aware of issues that might crop up this winter.  Broken pipes being the main concern!  If you are at the building please look around at the floors, windows, and general areas. A quick walk through isn’t too much to ask to be good stewards of our property.  Donna, Jan, or John can be called if you see a problem. Thanks.

The kitchen wall has been painted along with the lower bathroom ceilings. Broken windows on south of building are being replaced. Hand railings are being tightened down and carpet was glued where it was pulling up on stairs. We held outdoor workdays in Sept and October with weed and trees being the focus.  Security cameras and signs have been installed to deter vandals. Soon the memorial bricks will be installed. The balcony drainage issue is still being worked on to help keep damage to the 4 lower doors at a minimum.  Thanks to the TEAM for all their hard work.  Carol and Richard Burbank, John Tinsley, David Bristow and Phil Puterbaugh. New Members are always welcome so get your gloves and lend a hand, Must be under the age of 70!!!