Moderator’s Comments

The Executive Council along with Pastor Clare, and Mallory have decided to begin the process of discerning what to do and how to do it in terms of reconvening in our worship space. It has been a very long 14 months. In spite of this time we seem to be steadfast and strong in our worshiping together.

We will be working on creating a safe as possible space in the building as well as how to do in person worship in the sanctuary while continuing to offer online worship. This allows for all who want to participate, whether, comfortable in the sanctuary or not, to do so.

I am asking Covenantal Partners who are interested in being part of the discussions and planning for this return to the building to contact me by May 15. ; 719-221-4479. At that time I will schedule our first zoom meeting. And we can begin the actual process of taking steps towards the sanctuary.

Kayan Cross