Moderator’s Comments

Hello all, it’s been too long since I have thoroughly addressed you all as Moderator. My first time since we last gathered in our church building. There is much going on in the larger world, our community, and our church. And the impact on us all is big and uncertain.

Covid 19 has come into our lives uninvited, unexpected and chosen to stay for now. Racism has been highlighted for what it is, prompted a global movement for change and along with the epidemic invited us all to not only participate in this movement but to discern our individual actions for personal transformation now and as our lives move forward. We have witnessed the lack of organization of our government to sufficiently guide us through this time of a global pandemic, we have felt our hearts bleed and sometimes break for those we love who have died or experienced death. We have given up so much of our familiarity and comfort. We sometimes experience fear and uncertainty due to all that is going on. It is understandable that our feelings of disconnect often overwhelm and confuse us.

And yet, by the Grace of God, so many continue to show up in support of and with love for one another. Pause a minute, see yourself not as a person who is struggling, but; as the one who is participating in and continues to be essential in holding and moving our spiritual family through this time. Not in a hurried fashion; at just the necessary pace, simultaneously, for each of us and all of us. Pause a minute, notice yourself as the benefactor of God’s grace.
I want to let you all know that the Executive Council, Pastor Clare, Rev. Deb, Mallory, and Donna are so committed to who Vista Grand UCC is at this time and how to best support our church. Our ability to continue worship, coffee and conversation, and Finding Home are gifts and technological challenges. Our postcards, reminders to senders and receivers of our connections to each other, are also messages of hope and patience as we evolve into a changing church. As I notice all of you and all that we are (becoming) I realize that the focus, ideas and planning regarding ways and needs to stay connected as well as what and who VGUCC is becoming needs continuous thought, planning and more voices.

As I said in the beginning there is much going on. Many decisions are being made regarding our building maintenance, repairs, safety, and expenses. We are also involved in decisions relating to the development of the property immediately south of us and its impact on not only our property but existing neighbors as well. All of this is to say that “normal” and new challenges for our church continue to keep us busy enough that if we are not diligent in our commitment to stay connected and grow together we may miss the opportunities to maintain our spiritual relationships in this family.

So, this is an invitation and expectation for all of us to envision and share ways and ideas for this family to stay strong and be love together. Strong in the face of change, uncertainty, and our commitment to justice. Be love, for each other, to each other and the world that is our responsibility. I truly believe that these are some of the things God requires of us now.

We are in the process of creating a page on the website for Covenantal Partners to access updates and communication regarding the church. The Executive Council meeting minutes will show up here along with other information that we all need to know. Also, it is necessary to have a few of you join in on the discussions of staying connected and moving our spiritual home and family forward during this time . Please call, 719-599-3057 or email the church to let us know that you are available for either of these continuous discussions of growth.

In God’s Love and Grace,