Moderator’s Comments

Here we are again and it feels to me like we are at the same place we were when I typed my last Moderator report. As I recognize this is just a feeling, I can’t help but notice the truth of that we are still in uncertain times. I want to start out by reminding each and every one of you, as stated in our Vision Statement “flourishing comes to pass through the work of love, justice, peace, equality, and extravagant hospitality.” As we continue to gather together for worship and share ourselves via ZOOM I want you to know that each of us get to be initiators and recipients of that flourishing. In some ways it is more crucial now for us to stay deeply engaged in the work of pursuing the vision of our church. Staying involved in this time of not being able to do the things we normally do, with the people who matter so much is a way of supporting our own mental health. It allows for continued connection, support of and participation in something and the awareness of making a difference. Vast contrasts to feelings of isolation and ineffectiveness. I want to really emphasize the importance of this if you have lost a loved one in 2020 and are struggling with a sense of isolation. At the same time, it is so important that because we are experiencing such difference in how we live our daily lives that we get to have a much different response to how we deal with life’s heaviness. As important as it is to stay in relationship with the Divine and go there when life is challenging, I want to put great emphasis on the reality that we truly do not have to experience any part of life’s journey alone, because the Divine has given us each other. So, today I want to say that although we don’t necessarily know when this may come to pass, we can flourish in it and through it together. If you have a spiritual, emotional, or financial need for yourself; a burning desire to be involved in something more, or just some thoughts about how things are going with our church at this time, feel free to contact our Members at Large if you aren’t sure where to start. They will get you some answers. Carol Burbank, 719-598-2256 or Jeanne Harrington, 719-473-6485. Of course, you can call the church and leave a message as well, 719-599-3057.

On to secondary stuff. I would like to give you a brief overview of what the Executive Council, in conjunction with staff have been working on since June. I’ll start by thanking Rev. Deb Tinsley and Donna Bristow for the continuous time they spend making sure our T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. These two are our eyes and ears regarding operating in accordance to all guidelines we should be adhering to as a UCC church, 501(c)3 status and our own bylaws.

  • Pastor Clare and David Bristow have worked diligently to assure that all Covenantal Partners who want to join us online are able to do so by having adequate technology. This includes providing laptops to those who need them.
  • The creation of information and communication portals for Covenantal Partners on our website.
  • We have allocated funds for some major and minor building repairs.
  • We maintained our choir director, nursery attendant and security positions through October (choir and nursery; security still exists).
  • Clarifying of Bylaws and Best Practices
  • Pastor Clare’s Sabbatical
  • Continuous envisioning of how we “do church”, now and as we move forward.
  • Assuring that we are in the best financial position we can be in at this time.

There is much going on, as you will read throughout this Newsletter. I want to remind you to utilize the portals for information access. If you have not logged on, you can do so by using the password emailed to us all on Sep. 15 by David Bristow. Donna is working as swift as possible to upload minutes and income ledgers. There, you will find details on all of these items.

Lastly, I want to let you know that regardless of the fact that there has not been any specific addressing of Just Peace work, I encourage you not to be confused with who we are as a Just Peace Church. In my impromptu filling the position of Moderator, the shoes of Just Peace Chair were temporarily, unintentionally stepped out of. I assure you. We are still actively doing some Justice work and specific direction, focus and actions will resume after Advent. Looking forward to your participation.

I want to thank each of you for your commitment to yourselves, each other, and our church throughout this year. It has been, big and impacting. We are in the spiritual, emotional, and financial status because of your care for each other and our communities.

Blessings to All
Kayan Cross