Vision Task Force

The Vision Task Force met September 5th for a potluck and to put their collective thoughts to a Vision Statement. Seems a fairly straight forward task… and yet…..

Vista Grande is a church on the move; we now have the decision on staying or selling (staying!) and that brings renewed vigor to envisioning what we can accomplish, how we can together tilt the arch of the universe toward justice, peace, respect and inclusion. How to capture that energy, that vision of us engaged in that work, clearly, concisely, and theologically grounded?

The evening’s work resulted in a statement that was presented to the Executive Council, and their feedback was helpful. We will continue to develop the Vision Statement, as this will be the statement that charts the future for Vista Grande: It will encompass the dreams we live into, and will be the statement to the larger community of what we as a sacred community are called to as followers of Jesus.

Vision meets the first Thursday of the month at Vista Grande, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., starting with a simple potluck dinner. All Covenantal Partners, Affiliates and Friends of the church are invited to take part in this time together. All voices, dreams and visions gratefully included… (and chocolate wouldn’t go amiss).

For more information: contact Rev. Deborah Tinsley (719) 439 2321