Vision Ministry Team

In April the Vision Ministry Team presented a vision statement to the Executive Council, which was accepted as Vista Grande’s Vision for the future. To be sure, it is not etched in stone, and can be adapted or even rewritten to meet the changes (who anticipated the last months??) that may confront the community.

A vision statement is a yearning for the future we want to build, a direction in which to aim, a statement of values that prod us to be the best we know we can be as a community of faith, and more.

To the many who have been a part of this, from the World Café of December 2018 up to March of this year, more than gratitude to each of you. This was a true collaboration over a long time, with challenging side trips and some blind alleys, but always with humor, deep theological questioning, and some good food!

To any who would enjoy the work of pulling together a Mission Statement for the church, integrating the mission of Education, Justice and Peace, Mission, Worship, and so much more that makes us uniquely who we are, please jump right in to Vision group by sending your email address to me: no previous experience required! This is open to both Covenantal Partners and Friends of the church.

The Vision Statement is presented here with the hope it will spark your thinking, your contemplating and encourage you to see where you might best be invested in the life and work of the community as we move forward together.

In gratitude and thanksgiving,

Pastor Deborah