On April 13, 2020, the Executive Council voted on the following Vision Statement for Vista Grande UCC:

“We covenant together to imagine and live into a world where God’s Kin-dom vision of human and planetary flourishing comes to pass through the work of love, justice, peace, equality, and extravagant hospitality. We envision nothing less than a world restored to wholeness, wellness, joy, and gratitude for all of God’s Creation.”

A Vision Statement is a finger that points to the future, an ideal into which we endeavor to live. It is not static or set in stone, but is a dynamic, fluid hope subject to growth and change as we grow and change. Big enough to be worthy of our longings, close enough to move us to action, it stands next to our Just Peace and ONA statements of who we are, what we are about as we live out our lives of faith in community.

In appreciation of the dedication and hours that have gone into this: Jeannie, Dana, Erika, Jon, Kathy, Amanda, Bob K, and others who generously gave their input and support.

Rev. Deborah Tinsley for Vision Ministry Team