Radically Connected

At the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) annual meeting held in the summer of 2011 in Salt Lake City, UT we started a quest to determine RMC’s future. That quest was examined and discussed at the annual meetings of 2012 (Fort Morgan, CO) and 2013 (Golden CO), each meeting added more ideas and concrete actions. Following the 2013 meeting a number of visioning sessions were conducted with RMC churches (VGCC hosted such a session in January 2014). All of the efforts and ideas were then distilled into the purpose, values, and goal, which were revealed at the 2014 annual meeting (Grand Junction, CO).

Our Core Purpose

We, the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ, exist to inspire, challenge, and empower faith and justice communities across the West.

Our Core Values

  • Covenant: While honoring autonomy, we engage in covenantal relationship with the Holy, our neighbors, creation, and ourselves.
  • Enduring Faith: We express enduring faith in the transformational work of the Spirit.
  • Continuing Testament
  • Extravagant Welcome
  • Changing Lives

Big Inspirational Goal