Transgender Awareness

I have compiled here various forms of information, education and resources for all to utilize as a tool to further and maintain our awareness of God’s Transgender People. I recognize that this particular piece of learning, specifically at this time is not happening in a collective space. I assure you the opportunity for those who … [Read more…]


Message from Kayan Cross, Chairperson for Just Peace Here is a list of resources for keeping you involved in the justice movement for eliminating racism. It is a fraction of resources available. More to come. Chinook Center The Chinook Center is a progressive, mission driven community space that empowers and connects people and grassroots organizations … [Read more…]


Welcome Covenantal Partners, to our new space. Glad you made it. This space has been created as a way to communicate with you, the body of the church, what’s going on within and in the name of the church. The plan is to post news and updates on this page as well as information that … [Read more…]