Stewardship Ministry Team

In light of these crazy times of Covid-19 we just wanted to give you an update on the status of our 2020 pledged income and general financial situation of VGUCC. As you know, we had a very successful pledge campaign last fall and we started out this year on strong footing. Because we have not been in the building since March we have not been receiving the plate offerings we normally get nor those donations we normally receive from visitors. Also, our pledges have dwindled off a bit recently. Currently general fund pledges are down 4% and mission pledges are down 10%.

We realize there are many factors playing into this scenario. Perhaps you have been financially affected by the pandemic situation and are unable to contribute at the level you pledged. Please know that we understand and offer you grace. Sometimes the situation is just that we forget to send in our pledge when we can’t conveniently drop it in the offering plate. If this is the case, please try to catch up on your pledge if you are able. You can simply mail your check to VGUCC (PO Box 26030, Colorado Springs 80936-6030), pay through Tithely by selecting the Donate button on our website (, or set up bill pay through your bank.

Of course, our expenses have been down slightly since we have not been in the building but there are ongoing costs regardless of the building being occupied. Also, our building is in need of some costly repairs, some of which were scheduled for this year. The Executive Committee has been proactive in applying for a PPP loan to help with payroll and we have applied for a couple other grants to help our folks connect on zoom. VGUCC is not in crisis and is far better off than a lot of other churches during these times, however, we wanted you to know that we could use your continued support.

Thank you!

Dana Zimmerman on behalf of the Stewardship Team.