Vista Views

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Jul/Aug/Sep ~ Greetings, Vista Grande family, and happy summer!
Apr/May/June ~ The New Life of Spring


Nov/Dec ~ All of this is gift

Aug/Sep/Oct ~ Summer Speakers at Vista Grande

May/Jun/Jul ~ Transformation

Feb/Mar/Apr ~ Transformation


Dec/Jan ~ Hope in a Time of Weirdness

Sep/Oct/Nov ~ Waiting. Waiting can be a spiritual practice

Jun/Jul/Aug ~ Summer 2020

Feb/Mar ~ Planning for My Upcoming Sabbatical


Dec ~ I Am Behind

Oct/Nov ~ Did you know that next month will mark my fifth year at Vista Grande??

Aug/Sep ~ Well, now we know

Jun/Jul ~ Meeting the Holy Family

Apr/May ~ Turning the Corner

Feb/Mar ~ The Season of Lent


Dec ~ Resting. Quiet. Stillness. Silence.

Oct/Nov ~ Are you part of the solution?

Aug/Sep ~ A Note from Rev Clare Twomey

Jun/Jul ~ Summer, almost

Apr/May ~ Easter/Spring 2018

Feb/Mar ~ Lent. Again….


Dec/ Jan 2018 ~ So Now What Do We do?

Oct/Nov ~ White Privilege/Just Peace

Aug/Sep ~ A Small Church with a Great Purpose

Jun/Jul ~ How [has] believing in hope led your beloved community to take action?

Apr/May ~ “It’s Here, Spring”

 mid Feb/Mar ~ “A New Season”


 mid Nov/Dec ~ “We Are Grateful!”

 Oct/Nov ~ “There’s a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place”

 Aug/Sep ~ “But Wait, There’s More, And More, And More!”

 Jun/Jul ~ Wow. I mean, WOW!

 May/Jun ~ Changing Steps in Charity Ministries

 Mar/Apr ~ Resurrection: Making Memories

 Jan/Feb ~ Covenants