Mission and Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

Mission/Outreach is an integral part of VGUCC ministries. We will pursue opportunities that are reflective of Justice and Peace, denominational and ecumenical, local and global, participatory and financial. Our mission and outreach will make a difference – empowering recipients and inspiring givers to act in the spirit of Christ; exemplifying the 3 Great Loves: Love of Neighbor; Love of Children; Love of Creation.

We have maintained our relationships with our six local missions (The Chinook Center, Inside-Out Youth Services, Family Promise, Los Pobres, One Nation Walking Together and Smiles and Sandwiches) even during this pandemic. During Lent we contributed 46 Walmart gift cards for Los Pobres. For the second Sunday of each month, we collect water, toilet paper, snacks etc. to fill the bags for unhoused folks through Smiles and Sandwiches. We are celebrating the fact that once again, we were able to meet ALL our financial commitments.

Family Promise

Family Promise has suffered from low donations and the lack of a day house. The program has had to do a major shift and is now in recovery mode. The church rotation is back up and running after two years of changes due to Covid!


First United Methodist Church downtown has an awesome space that they can use until they get things sorted out for the Wesley House (another possibility). They will need some volunteer drivers to help families without transportation from the Day House to the host congregation.

Los Pobres

We’ll collect $25 gift cards to Walmart. You’ll be able to add them to the tree Nov 27. This just in … Jud and Maggie Jusell has offered to make the run to Los Pobres with items that have been dropped off at Vista Grande.

Inside Out Youth Services (IOYS)

“Every day we see the impact of your generosity in the LGBTQIA2+ youth space. Young people from all walks of life come to our center and find solace and resources your giving provides. Young people transform in t their most confident and true seld when they are among people who understand and affirm them. Thanks for your donations that help us keep our food pantry stocked. Your donations also bring peer support programming to our center and outreach to the community.”

Nico is coming to Vista Grande on Nov 20. IOYS is putting together a “gift registry” which we’ll add ornaments to the tree. Nico will be “Nico”las at their holiday party.

One Nation Walking Together

Throughout the year, One Nation Walking Together facilitates a variety of programs and services which collectively aim to advance our mission of making a positive difference in the lives of Native Americans.

During Advent, we’ll be …. Assembling Elder Boxes. A list of suggested items will be sent out in the e-blast. Come on Nov 26 at 10 a.m. to help put the boxes

Chinook Center

Samantha Christianson visited Vista Grande on October 23 to share a thank you and how we can best serve The People’s Pantry.

Free bags of groceries are assembled each week for folks who are in need. They serve all zip codes. Every week, the volunteers assemble 50-60 bags of groceries. They strive to have 3 full meals in each bag. The number of folks who benefit from this mission averages 500-600 people per month. The Chinook Center partners with Care and Share.

Several folks from Vista Grande help deliver groceries to the folks who don’t have transportation.

Spreading Sandwiches and Smiles (SS&S)

The second Sunday of each month finds several volunteers bringing sandwiches (and other snacks) to Dorchester Park to help feed the homeless population. This mission isn’t without a challenge from the city. More and more, areas get chained off to try and discourage folks from hanging out. That doesn’t help feed the hungry. So our group still goes there every 2nd Sunday. For the mission tree, they would like hand warmers, hats and gloves for adult men and women.