Mission and Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

Mission/Outreach is an integral part of VGUCC ministries. We will pursue opportunities that are reflective of Justice and Peace, denominational and ecumenical, local and global, participatory and financial. Our mission and outreach will make a difference – empowering recipients and inspiring givers to act in the spirit of Christ; exemplifying the 3 Great Loves: Love of Neighbor; Love of Children; Love of Creation.

We have maintained our relationships with our six local missions (The Chinook Center, Inside-Out Youth Services, Family Promise, Los Pobres, One Nation Walking Together and Smiles and Sandwiches) even during this pandemic. During Lent we contributed 46 Walmart gift cards for Los Pobres. For the second Sunday of each month, we collect water, toilet paper, snacks etc. to fill the bags for unhoused folks through Smiles and Sandwiches. We are celebrating the fact that once again, we were able to meet ALL our financial commitments.

Family Promise at NEW PROMISE

Family Promise opened the New Promise Shelter in February 2020. One month before COVID 19 hit our community. Since then, Family Promise provided 168 families composed of 622
individuals of which 349 were children with shelter, safety, and support. 36% of these families moved into permanent stable housing.

Like many other nonprofits who are dealing with reduced budgets. Family Promise made the difficult decision to close The New Promise Family Shelter.

Family Promise remains committed to continuing its mission of advocating for and empowering families with children to achieve housing stability.

Family Promise is taking this time to strategize and gather community support to relaunch the New Promise Shelter.

Inside Out Youth Services

Inside Out Youth Services Annual Gay-la
August 26, 2022 (5 p.m. for VIPs and 6 p.m. for guests)
This will be a night of fun and philanthropy to celebrate over 30 years of life-saving work for the LGBTQIA2+ young people. This will be held at Venetucci Farm. Tickets are available. Go to www.insideoutys.org

One Nation Walking Together

Visit www.onenationwt.org for a list of activities they offer in the community.

Los Pobres

Los Pobres provides food, shelter, medical, utilities, education and various other types of support to Eastern Colorado migrant workers.

Chinook Center

We support Chinook Center by giving money toward the People’s Grocery. The Chinook Center was also the lead team for the protest on the Supreme Court re: the reversal of Roe V Wade. Mallory and Amanda attended the protest.

Spreading Sandwiches and Smiles (SS&S)

Vista Grande continues to support this mission on the second Sunday of the month at Dorchester Park. Jerima has more information.